Ways through which Called ID can be disabled on a Fax Machine

Many people often prefer to maintain their privacy when it comes to sharing contact information with random people that you might be contacting mainly for a one-time purpose only. When people use fax machines for any purpose either it is business or any reason the caller ID or number is also transferred to the person […]

Unknown Phone Numbers should be Avoided

Unknown numbers mean that the person who is receiving a call from that number does not recognize it. People often apply various methods through which they tend to identify who are behind that number but it is not always advisable. Therefore, people should be cautious enough before they call a number they don’t know. Dropping […]

Political Calls and Unknown Numbers

The new trend that has emerged is linked to the concept of politics that how political calls via unknown numbers are being used to gather votes. The telemarketers inspire various political parties and how they promote their services and products with the help of unknown numbers and through calls. Whenever the elections are around the […]

Learn to handle calls from Debt Collectors

People who have accumulated debt over the years often receive calls from debt collectors. Calls from such people can be intimidating, however, every individual should be aware of their rights so that if any debt collector violated his duties or obligations the person can take an action against him. Many people get so annoyed by […]