How to make sure that Telemarketers avoid Contacting You

Telemarketers mostly promote their products with the help of calling different numbers and sending SMS to every number that they might come across. There are people who are often flooded with such calls and messages. They tend to get rid of them as soon as possible hence they often start blocking them one by one. However, the main problem is that you can block one but not all as the number of telemarketers tend to increase every day. The more new products and companies are introduced into the market the more calls people might receive from such companies. However, there are ways through which people can make sure that telemarketers cannot contact them.

Millions of people across the globe have registered their landline and mobile phone numbers with the Federal Trade Commissions. In order to get your cell phone registered you need to make an entry within their “Do Not Call List”. Both mobile phone and landlines can be registered with the FTC, however, registering a mobile phone with the FTC cannot eliminate all your unwanted calls. It can help you minimize and reduce the number of calls that you might receive every day. There are few categories of call that you might receive even after getting yourself registered with the FTC.

  • 1. All the companies with which you had a relationship or some sort of a contact for the past couple of months might contact you to share information regarding their new offers and deals.
  • 2. Political parties often contact people, as they tend to seek your votes in order for them to win elections. Not only political parties but also many organizations often contact you as well if they are taking a survey regarding any particular issue that they are planning to discuss or highlight amongst the general public.
  • 3. The third category is that of scammers who tend to contact you to scare you. Most of them are operating in areas where hardly any law is applicable thus it gives them a chance to exploit your situation. They often use your personal information to harass you intimidate you. Don’t take them seriously and contact police and other concerned authorities as soon as possible.
  • 4. Charitable organizations that tend to collect charities for different purposes also contact you. However, even if they contact through a proper channel you need to make sure that whether their charitable organization is reliable and authentic enough to be trusted. Most of them are a fraud and they just try to come up with ways through which they can make money through exploiting or manipulating you. Therefore confirm before you make any sort of charity.

However, if people are still not satisfied with the services provided by FTC they could use the call-blocking feature installed on their cell phones. It can allow them to block numbers that still contact them even after getting their mobile phone registered with the FTC. People who don’t know how to block on different smartphones can access steps on the Internet. The steps are quite explicit, as they tend to explain in a step-by-step manner that how can people block unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

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