Learn to handle calls from Debt Collectors

People who have accumulated debt over the years often receive calls from debt collectors. Calls from such people can be intimidating, however, every individual should be aware of their rights so that if any debt collector violated his duties or obligations the person can take an action against him. Many people get so annoyed by such calls that they often change their phone numbers in order to stop calls from debt collection services.

Almost all the debt collectors within a particular country are required to abide by the Federal Law. Under the federal law of the state, the rules and regulations are mentioned which needs to be followed by the debt collectors. Debt collectors according to the law are not allowed to call any individual that does not owe anything to anyone. People who receive a call from a debt collector are allowed to verify their claims and hence they can ask for claims. Without a proper proof, a debt collector cannot claim or demand anything from anyone. Hence people who know about their debt history should make sure that they are talking to the right person as many people tend to trick around with the innocent people of the society.

Every individual should keep a log of the calls that they receive from various debt collectors especially the ones who receive a call daily. Keep a track of the messages they share with you so that you know what a certain debt collector states and what are the inconsistencies in terms of the documents from one call to another. It will also help you analyze that whether the calls you are receiving are true or not.

Moreover, if you know that you don’t owe anyone any debt then it is always better to inform the debt collector right there and then. You should be confident enough especially if you are stating the truth. The more uncertain you are about yourself the more the debt collector would intimidate you.

However, in case you can’t afford to pay the debt to the debt collector then inform him about that as well. The debt collector has no right to harass you or intimidate you, in fact, his job is to make you feel at ease by coming up with solutions that can help you pay your debt within the time mentioned. They might also extend the date for you. Informing them about your financial status on time can also prevent you from being referred to as the litigant.

Every individual should know that the federal Fair Debt collection Practices Act mentions that debt collectors cannot use abusive language with their consumers and neither they can use harassing tactics to intimidate you. If you have mentioned it to them already that you don’t owe them any debt and they also failed to provide you with enough evidence that you owe them a certain amount of debt, then they have no right to contact you again and again. In case they are constantly trying to contact you regardless of all the things that you have mentioned clearly then you can take the concerned legal authorities into confidence. In any case, you should first verify that the debt collector is actually authentic and reliable rather than someone who is trying to trick around with you.

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