Managing Missed Calls

Missed calls are calls that a person avoided or couldn’t take because of the circumstances he was in. However, missed calls should be handled and managed in a professional way as you never know the intended purpose of the call you just missed. If you are in the professional field, you need to manage your missed calls effectively as the way you deal with them highlights your personality and how organized you are when it comes to working.

Most of the times the person who intends to place a missed call either has insufficient balance or he knows that you are busy and will call him back once you get free. However, there are cases where an unknown number might place the missed calls. If the missed call is from an unknown number, then it is advisable that to text that person in order to determine whether you know them or not. The message should be extremely polite and courteous in order to avoid any future problems or complications.

Choosing not to answer the call just because you are not in the mood can be rude. Therefore, it is always better to notify the caller through a message explaining them the reason that why couldn’t you take up their call. It is always better to mention that you will call them later once you get free as this represents you who you are as a person. Most cell phones like Android or iPhone have smartphone call settings installed, which allows you to use customize pre-typed messages. Therefore, you can send these text messages to respond to the missed calls you have received.

People who hardly call back unknown numbers and tend to avoid them as much as they can use voice message services as well. They can ask the caller to drop you a voice message so that you can listen to it whenever you are free. This allows the users to keep a track of all the calls, as some of them might be important. Even the unknown numbers that might have a message to convey can drop by a message. Or you can set up a voice message stating that people can drop by a message if it’s urgent so that you can view their queries and get back to them.

Moreover, many people market their services through missed calls. Missed call marketing campaign is a must for business these days in order to attract the attention of the audience you are trying to contact. Many businesses often give a missed call followed by a text message explaining what the business actually is so that if people are interested in using the services they can contact the company with the help of the message given.

However, one needs to be careful before picking up a call from an unknown number or before answering or calling back an unknown number. Most of the unknown numbers especially from abroad can be a fraud or a scam. The most famous missed call scam is Wangiri Fraud. Wangiri Fraud is the one in which there are just one ring and one cut. People often call back and thus their telecom services are charged. The more you talk to that unknown number the more you will be charged. Ignoring unknown international calls is the best thing that you can do in order to save yourself from the scammers.

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