Political Calls and Unknown Numbers

The new trend that has emerged is linked to the concept of politics that how political calls via unknown numbers are being used to gather votes. The telemarketers inspire various political parties and how they promote their services and products with the help of unknown numbers and through calls. Whenever the elections are around the corner people receive calls from political parties asking them to vote for their candidates. This is commonly practiced mainly on the western side of the globe. People often tend to get annoyed whenever they receive calls from various political representatives asking them to vote for them in the elections hence they adopt various ways through which such calls can be avoided. They often take help from Federal Trade Commission and get different numbers registered in order to avoid unwanted calls. However, political robocalls to landline phones are legal even if people register their phone numbers with the National Do not call Registry.

There are certain rules due to which your political calls might not be blocked completely. Federal Trade Commission has laws that govern calls mainly that are trying to sell some kind of products. Political calls hardly sell you anything, therefore, they do not fall in that category thus these calls cannot be blocked completely.

Federal Communication Commission has a set of rules according to which all the calls that have a non-emergency purpose are prohibited. This includes the political calls as well. Calls that are mainly done for non-emergency purposes are allowed only if the consumer of a telecommunication service agrees in writing that he accepts the calls. Regardless of all such prohibitions, most of these political calls are made by third party telemarketers who are involved in the process of making illegal calls to different people across the globe in order to fulfill their intended purpose.

In order to get rid of political calls the most common method that can be adopted is to use your smartphone services to block every number manually. It is the most authentic and reliable method of avoiding such calls as everything it in your control. People can easily add or remove the numbers of unwanted contacts or unwanted calls. It is better to take matters into your own hands because politicians, telemarketers all of them are aware of the idea that people hardly like the concept of calling them again and again for different kinds of telemarketers purposes. But at the same time, they are also aware of the concept that this is the most common and authentic way of getting your point across to the audience especially in the last few days of the election campaign. As more people enter the field of politics and telemarketing such calls are most likely to increase. Hence there is nothing FTC can do to help you get rid of all the calls from unknown numbers. iPhone and Android devices offer blocking facilities or different kinds of applications can be downloaded that can help you block numbers of the people you don’t know. It not only allows you to block calls but SMS can also be blocked with the help of such applications or via the services installed on your device.

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