Prank Callers and their Identity

Prank phone calls are quite common these days and they are often done through an unknown number. People have experienced a prank call at least once in their life. In the majority of the cases, people you may know often do prank calls. Mostly friends carry out prank calls on their friends for the purposes of having fun only. However, if you are receiving prank calls that are harassing you then you can stop them by taking action against the person. However, people should have the sense of differentiating between a prank call and a harassment call. A prank call usually is made up of jokes or another kind of funny conversations whereas harassment call usually involves obscene or threatening language, which sort of intimidates you or makes you feel embarrassed or insulted.

Prank calls with a serious motive or intentions are quite rare however if you receive prank calls that are threatening you then you need to make sure that you inform the police as soon as possible. It is always better to find out about the identity of the person who is calling you from an unknown number. Two methods are most commonly used by the people either they take help from a private investigator or they can use a reverse phone directory. However, hiring a private investigator can be very costly therefore it is mostly avoided by the people thus most of them tend to use reverse phone directory.

People have vast options of online reverse form directories and they vary in terms of whether they are large or small directories. Small directories are either free of cost or they can charge a small proportion of fee. However, large directories are mostly very costly, as they tend to have numbers of all the people under one roof. In order to use the services of the reverse phone directories make sure that you have the number of the prank caller. Call display service can be used to achieve that or you can access your last call service to identify the number of the prank caller. In most cases the prank calls are mostly from an unknown number, therefore, you might have to take help from your telecommunication service providers. They might provide you with the necessary information depending on the reason that you give them. You need to keep one thing in mind that telecommunication service providers hardly disclose the information related to their clients until and unless the problem is very serious. Therefore, many people often take police help to retrieve the information from the telecommunications service providers.

If the police or other concerned authorities are involved the telecommunication service provider will provide you with the necessary information. The information provided can be used to contact them in order to make sure that they stop prank calling you for whatever reason. The fact that you have their important information and identification details is enough for them to stop contacting you or calling you in future.

However, in any case, you should first confirm the number through a reverse phone directory as you might find out that your friend was pulling out a prank on you. In case the matter is serious, police should be contacted as soon as possible.

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