Sort your SMS from Unknown Senders

People often receive SMS from unknown numbers and most of them delete the messages and move on. However, people can easily get rid of the messages that they receive through an unknown number by simply blocking the number that is annoying them. Blocking unknown numbers allow you to prevent texts from senders that you are not aware of. With the evolution of technology, all smartphones have an option that allows you to block the numbers without them knowing that you have blocked them. However, several steps should be used in order to determine whether you know the person or not in order to avoid embarrassing situations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • 1. When you receive the message try to take the conversation elsewhere. Try to know their name and the easiest way you could do this is by asking them to either email you or inbox on Facebook. Carry on the conversation as much as you can and try to find clues that whether you know the person or not.
  • 2. Asking someone “Who are you?” can be a little bit embarrassing for the person at the other end. Therefore, it is always better to lighten up the situation before you ask them. You can take help from GIF, as it is one of the lighthearted approaches that can be used to tackle the issue at hand in a comfortable manner.
  • 3. Try not to sound rude so that if the person turns out to be someone you may know, you don’t feel embarrassed. It is always better to tackle the problem in a professional and ethical manner.
  • 4. Moreover, try not to use the common line that you lost your phone or your contacts, as everyone tends to use the same line whenever they receive a message from an unknown number. It’s always better to state that you might not have their number saved and hence you want to know who are they. If the number looks familiar it’s always better to go with another tactic.
  • 5. In order to find out yourself that who the person is you can always sync your contacts with your Facebook or Instagram profile. Enter the number in the search bar and it will show you all the contacts that have a similar number. You can easily identify from the list that whether you know someone from that list or not. Syncing your contacts can help you identify who the mystery texter is.
  • 6. Make sure that you don’t follow the person right away after finding out that you know them. It will give off a very bad image, as they would know that you searched them in order to be sure that you know them.
  • 7. If you receive a message from someone stating “It’s been so long”, then you have the perfect opportunity to find out who is behind the text. All you have to do is to simply write a message stating “When was the last time we met?” However, if this trick fails then you can simply ask their name directly because they certainly know you and you might know them as well.
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