Unknown Phone Numbers should be Avoided

Unknown numbers mean that the person who is receiving a call from that number does not recognize it. People often apply various methods through which they tend to identify who are behind that number but it is not always advisable. Therefore, people should be cautious enough before they call a number they don’t know. Dropping a message, which states “Who’s This?” is a much safer option as compared to calling back.

Unknown phone numbers or calls should be avoided at all costs as you never know who is behind those calls. People tend to avoid unknown phone numbers due to a number of reasons and some of them are mentioned below:

  • 1. People generally assume that if an unknown number is calling them then it can be either a telemarketer who is promoting his brand or it can be someone who harasses them over the phone regularly.
  • 2. Moreover, people are generally aware of their friends and family members that if they are calling from an unknown number they will surely drop in a message. Many people adopt this policy of not answering any call from an unknown number as they expect a message from the caller stating their name. Such messages enable the receiver of the call to get an idea that whether they know the person who is calling them or not.
  • 3. As time is passing by quickly, people tend to prefer talking to their family and friends via text rather than call, as it is very time-consuming. Therefore, their social circle is already aware of the fact that the person hates picking up calls thus they will contact them through text or WhatsApp. Such people avoid calls from any kind of unknown number no matter how urgent it is.
  • 4. Furthermore, people who hate long conversations avoid calls from all numbers even if a person from their family is calling them. They just don’t have the capacity to tolerate long gossip sessions or endless rants. Such people tend to prefer talking and chatting via texts or WhatsApp.
  • 5. Moreover, with the introduction of free messaging applications, the actual purpose of the cell phone has been achieved. People tend to chat via messages and they can easily convey their message across. They hardly face the urge of talking to their loved ones on the call when they can easily communicate their point across via applications like WhatsApp.

Unknown numbers should be avoided at all cost as it can shell you out of your money even if you are receiving the call rather than calling back the person. Many unknown calls from abroad are there to cheat you and if you receive their call your telecom bill would be charged. The longer you chat with the person, the more you will be charged. Such scams are designed in a way that they try to engage you in a long conversation so that they can win as much money as they can. An unknown call from abroad can call you $3 or $4 per minute. Therefore, people should simply text a number asking whether they know them or not rather than calling that person back. If that person knows you, they will definitely reply and inform you about their identity thus you can call them or contact them whenever you want.

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