Ways through which Called ID can be disabled on a Fax Machine

Many people often prefer to maintain their privacy when it comes to sharing contact information with random people that you might be contacting mainly for a one-time purpose only. When people use fax machines for any purpose either it is business or any reason the caller ID or number is also transferred to the person receiving your fax. There are times when people want to disable their caller ID in order to maintain their privacy. In such cases, the caller ID feature on a fax machine can be disabled just the way you do it on a standard landline telephone system. The fax recipient would not be able to receive the information related to your mobile number or the phone number of the fax machine that you might be using.

In order to make sure that your caller ID feature is turned off several steps needs to be taken. Some of them are as follows:

The first step is to make sure that your fax machine is connected to your phone line. Compile all the documents that need to be faxed and place them in the document feeder on your fax machine. Often there are directions given on the fax machine that state how should you place your documents in the document feeder. Follow the steps to make sure that the documents are inserted properly.

The documents should be lined up properly before you press the send button. In this step, you need to enter “*67”, in order to ensure that the caller ID feature is disabled. Now you can enter the phone number of the receiver if the fax and press send. Your contact information would not be revealed to the recipient of the fax.

Moreover, you should check that the fax was sent by printing out a transmission document. In order to get a transmission document press print however in most of the latest fax machines, there is an inbuilt automatic system that informs you when the fax transmission was successfully done. However, in most cases people often face an error in the fax transmission, therefore, you need to make sure that recipient phone line is not busy and that their number is dialed correctly.

If there is a constant error in the fax transmission then take out all the documents that were placed in the document feeder and try again after a little time has been passed. Whenever you try again the same steps should be repeated again and do dial “*67” again in order to ensure that the caller Id feature is disabled. Do check again whether the number that you are entering is correct or not and whether the phone line is busy or not.

After all the above-mentioned things are ensured and if the phone line is not busy you can press send. But do keep one thing in mind that if your fax transmission is complete the caller Id would return back to the previous status. Hence whenever you wish to share your documents with someone you need to enter “*67” in order to disable the caller ID feature.

Follow all the steps mentioned above in order to make sure that your privacy is intact.

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